About ISJ

The Institute for Social Justice (ISJ) is a non-profit advocacy and research NGO- registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 (Pakistan). It supports networks and forums in the implementation and monitoring of international and national human rights treaties and laws for the delivery of social justice. It conducts research, assessments and fact findings on all relevant areas that directly and indirectly affect or influence delivery of social justice. It works under the guidance and supervision of its Executive Committee  and Advisory Council. However, the ISJ, irrespective of gender, caste, belief, ethnicity, origin, and age, produces  human rights defenders and aims to establishes district and regional groups and networks of young, old, labourers, women and children, and strengthen them, so that the monitoring of the implementation of the human rights treaties and laws could be made possible with the intention that social injustice can be eliminated. The ISJ develops and implements programmes in response to the needs of children, women, minorities, labourers, immigrants, disabled, displaced and prisoners in their respective areas. The ISJ is registered with the United Nations-DESA as a civil society organization.