All countries should ban the hate-monger’ movie

Islamabad- 14 September 2012: The Institute of Social Justice (ISJ) condemns making and release of the film (Innocence of Muslims) which has shocked and hurt not only the feelings and sentiments of people in Muslim world but across the globe who adhere to the values of peace, respect, religious harmony and tolerance. The ISJ urges all countries and World Wide Web to ban the release of the movie and its content (tailor). Heads of all the countries should categorically condemn the movie and its makers and do not allow anyone to humiliate others and their religions.

The ISJ press release said that such acts will not allow the peace lover human rights activists and NGOs in promoting the religious tolerance and harmony in countries where Muslims are in majority. This is difficult and testing time for people of all religious belief in Muslim world, therefore, the ISJ pleaded all the religious groups to stay in peace so that hate mongers do not become successful in creating restlessness in the Muslim world.