Judicial Justice!

From judicial justice means a justice being done through formal judicial court systems which in Pakistan has not been able to provide justice to people. Judicial justice is an open opportunity for rich and influential people. They can buy officials, influence the court procedure and fair trial which usually results in delayed in justice or denied justice. A poor invariably remained at the verge of injustice due to serious corruption at all levels but hardly accepted by the holder of judicial justice and such open allegation is always supposed tantamount to contempt of judiciary. The usual miscarriage of justice comes from a number of factors which lead to increase in crimes with more severity and big scale, from a single murder to mass murder, from few rupees theft to billion dollars heist, from low level corruption to extreme levels of corruption, from loyalty to disloyalty. Therefore, people try to do justice by their own ways (mob justice), do informal jirgas/panchayts in which poor and marginalized section of society such as women, children, low caste and low income poor families are victimized.

The ISJ aims to advocate for fair judicial justice set up, mechanism and system where all are treated equal before the law and no one is deprived of his/her social, economic, civil, cultural and political rights (please see the Judicial Justice policy paper for more details).