Servant ‘tortured to death’

Bahawalpur, Feb 7: A domestic servant at the residence of a landlord in Lodhran was allegedly tortured to death late on Wednesday.

According to the Sadar police, Saeed Ahmed worked at Mian Aamir’s house.

According to Saeed’s mother Mitho Mai, upon receiving information of her son’s illness. she along with her husband, Bashir Ahmed, reached here from Lodhran. She said they found Saeed seriously injured and moved him to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Sadar police said they had registered an FIR on the complaint of the deceased’s father against two suspects, Azhar and Shafiq. However, Mian Aamir claimed at the time of incident he was out of the city and upon return when he got information of the incident, he handed over Azhar, another servant at his house, to the police.

According to Aamir, Azhar revealed the name of his accomplice Shafiq, who was a neighbor’s servant.-  Correspondent.

Source: Dawn News  

The ISJ’s reaction
The ISJ condemns brutal murder of killing of slave domestic worker in Lodhran and urge the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of it, call judicial inquiry of the brutal murder and issue notice for regularization of domestic workers who are living and working as slaves across the country. 

The old estimates show that there more than 8.5 million people working as domestic slaves mainly women and minor girls which are sexually, psychologically and physically abuse and exploited, and in many cases murder.

The ISJ believes that the police in such cases do not support victims because all accused landlord/masters are politically and financially rich who influence the family and bribe to the police to distort the case.