UN to take actions against judicial-state murder of Afzal Guru

Islamabad: The ISJ categorically condemns state murder of Mohammad Afzal Guru- Kashmiri labourer- who was hanged by India for alleged plotting attack on so called democratic Indian parliament in New Delhi. His bodies was buried in Delhi’s Tihrar jail, where his murder took place by the Indian state.

The ISJ learns from the column of a prominent and renowned Indian human rights activists- Ms Arundhati Roy- about Guru’s murder by the state.

As per the Supreme Court of India’s judgement: “As is the case with most conspiracies, there is and could no direct evidence amounting to criminal conspiracies…The incident, which resulted in heavy causalities had shaken the entire nation, and the collective conscience of society will only be satisfied if capital punishment is awarded to the offender.”  

The ISJ urges all UN bodies which includes Human Rights Council, the General Council, the Committee of the Civil and Political Rights, Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights and International Court of Justice, to take urgent action against brutal murder of Guru by the India and its institutions including low and higher judiciary. 

Guru was completely denied of all basic and fundamental values of human rights that are given to all types of offenders during the trial and appeal procedures irrespective of the crime, origin, religion and group. He was not given a chance to prove himself innocent through legal assistance. Though the Supreme Court was even not able to find any direct link of him in the attack on so called Indian parliament.  

This is a reasonable case to bring Indian state accountable for human rights violations that it has been doing in the name of national security.